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Find the Best Bidet Toilet for Your Bathroom

When you*re in shopping mode for a new commode, remember that a big price tag doesn*t guarantee better performance. In our tests of single- and dual-flush toilets, the ones with the top Overall Scores were midpriced models. The best toilets also save water while delivering worry-free performance.

A toilet should be reliable, especially in a large household, and a good one should last a decade or longer without much maintenance. This buying guide will help you pick a high-performance model that*s right for your home.

What is a Bidet Toilet Combo?

hey are like small sinks installed next to toilets which are used for washing after using the toilet. Bidets were first used in France in the 1700s. Bidets didn*t gain much popularity around the world until recent innovations. Now, electronic bidets are integrated with toilets and this provides users with many advantages. Electronic bidets improve hygiene and comfort for a better bathroom experience.

Bidet Toilet Combo Features

Common Features

Bidet toilet combos come with a nozzle or a wand where water comes out for rear cleansing. Water pressure and water temperature can be adjusted during the wash. Usually, bidet toilets come with remote control (sometimes mounted on the side of the seat) where you can access its different functions. Some common functions include:

  • Power 每 the ※power§ button is pressed to enter into standby mode or functional mode.
  • Flush 每 if you want to activate full flushing, just press the ※flush§ button.
  • Dry 每 some bidet toilets also feature a warm air dryer, which turns on when you press the ※dry§ button. It automatically stops once you leave the seat.
  • Front/rear 每 this function allows the user to clean the front portion of the body when you press the ※front cleaning§ button or clean the rear portion of the body when you press the ※rear cleaning§ button. Water comes out from the nozzle or wand for one cleaning cycle. After that, it automatically stops. You can manually stop at any time by pressing the ※stop§ or ※power§ button.



Other Features

  • Oscillation and pulsation 每 the oscillation feature widens the spray and thus the area cleaned, while the pulsation feature gives you more of a massage effect.
  • Auto open/close lid 每 using a sensor, the lid automatically opens when it senses that a user is nearby. The seat also closes automatically after the user leaves.
  • Heated seat 每 with a warm seat, you*ll no longer be uncomfortably woken up by a cold seat during a midnight trip to the bathroom.
  • Nightlight 每 this feature allows users to see the toilet even in very low lighting, again allowing you to avoid waking up more than you have to with the use of bright overhead bathroom lighting

Buy Bidet Toilet Combos Online

Toilets with built-in bidets should be considered when you*re replacing an old toilet. They are also a good option when building a new home or doing a bathroom remodel. Bidet toilet combos offer more functionality than both a toilet and bidet, all in one convenient product. If you need any help, please don*t hesitate to contact us.                                   


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